Using First Nations Literature in the Classroom

First Nations Literature
This unit contains activities for several subject areas including Language Arts, Social Studies, Dance, and Drama. It begins with an introduction to oral tradition, storytelling, and First Nations' cultural areas. Students will learn how geographic location influences the evolution of the various First Nation’s cultures and they will be required to differentiate between the different types of First Nation’s mythology. The students will also be required to examine the literature to find information about First Nation’s beliefs, values, customs, and ways of life. Following that, students will identify common themes found in the First Nation’s literature, using drama and dance to gain a deeper understanding of the First Nation’s way of life.

The students will also learn what types of characteristics make stories ideal for retelling or reading aloud. They will select their own stories to retell to their classmates. They will also examine original and adapted versions of the same tale to warm them up for an authentication project. The final section, authenticating folklore, will teach students about the important role that good research plays in communicating accurate cultural information. It will also force students to pay attention to the intricate details in the literature.

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