Between the Lions: Games (primary)
Look Out Below (make small words from the letters of a big word)
Word Play (click on a word and watch it "play")
Pounce (pounce on the word that matches the sound)
A.B.Cow (finding the missing letters in the alphabet)
Alphabet Soup (find the mixed up word floating in the soup)
Flood! (the library has flooded and books need to be grouped together)
Gawain's Word (word blends)
Chicken Stacker (vowel sounds)
Fuzzy Lions Ears (starting sounds of words)

Game Goo - 13 interactive games covering a range of skills from letter recognitions to antonyms/synonyms (Primary)

Digby Mole's Word Activities - Matching, Rhymes, First Letters (uses Shockwave) (Primary)

Story Bear - 3 interactive stories (uses Shockwave) (Primary)

Kidport - Select your grade and then click on the Language Arts button. This site uses the Shockwave plugin. (Primary)

Words and Pictures These games and activities will make learning phonics fun. Produced by BBC Education. (Primary)

Storyline Online - The Screen Actors Guild Foundation is proud to bring you Storyline Online, an on-line streaming video program featuring SAG members reading children's' books aloud. (Primary, Junior)

The Reading Rangers from TVOKids (Primary, Junior)

Billy Bear's Cookies - the "kind" hangman game (Primary, Junior)

Same Difference - a game to practise your knowledge of synonyms and antonyms. (requires Shockwave) (Primary, Junior)

Story Elements - Test Tutor - an interactive reading activity (Primary, Junior)

Plot Diagram - an interactive on-line tool to summarize a plot (Junior, Intermediate)

Literary Elements Map - an interactive graphic organizer to "map" character, setting, conflict, and resolution, (Junior, Intermediate)

ReviseWise Reading - from BBC Education. Practise and test your skills in the following reading areas; Deduction, Poetry, Non-Fiction (Junior)

Reading, Viewing and Listening Strategies - These videos show groups of students as they learn a number of reading, viewing, and listening strategies. The students learn how to analyze literary techniques, learn research skills, and use their personal experiences and interests in responding to texts. The resource offers four learning levels; how-to tips and student worksheets are also included. (Junior, Intermediate)

Writing Den - many reading and writing activities for the Junior and Intermediate student.

Literature - What Makes a Good Short Story? Join a journey through a classic short story, "A Jury of Her Peers," by Susan Glaspell. Along the way, you'll solve the mystery of whether Minnie Wright killed her husband and explore the story's literary elements. You will also encounter rest stops where you can read more about the structure of story and take part in activities related to "A Jury of Her Peers". (Junior, Intermediate)

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