Writing Den

Writing Den - many reading and writing activities for the Junior and Intermediate student.

Good communication skills are essential in today's information culture. Learning to listen, read, represent and write effectively will prepare students for success in both the classroom and the outside world. Being able to express yourself well in writing can be a great source of power. WritingDEN aims to supply this power by making it fun to learn to write.

Students' abilities to communicate in English vary greatly. Some students are brand new to the English language while others have been exposed to English since infancy. For this reason, WritingDEN has been designed to meet the needs of individual students throughout the Grade 4 to 12 range.

WritingDEN has seven basic aims. They are:

to improve writing skills and the ability to write a variety of essays
to develop communication skills
to expand vocabulary
to foster knowledge of a variety of cultural, historical and scientific topics
to increase visual literacy
to improve English pronunciation
to expand comprehension skills and critical thinking abilities

Writing Den Teacher's Guide

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